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Direct Selling Software

Launch & grow your business with state of the art technology.

Smart Technology

FLEX is a turnkey solution that gives companies freedom to operate without the bottlenecks of back office companies.

International Ready

We understand multi-currency, translations and governmental nuances in foreign markets.

Your Ideas Come To Life

We never want to be the bottleneck to your company. That is why we have an open architecture platform.

Perfect designs

From the replicated websites to the dashboards and reports, your brand is always in good hands...YOUR HANDS!

Empowering your business and your field

BitJar’s FLEX Platform is a complete solution that is easy to use and will scale with you. The MLM Software is powered by simple modules – you don’t need to wait on your back office provider to make those changes. FLEX easily integrates with your vendors, app developers and finance programs through our open APIs.  We deliver commissions and genealogy, replicating websites, e-commerce shopping, customized client mobile apps and all the reporting you and your field could ever imagine.

Commissions & Genealogy
Compensation plan programming, advanced reporting and graphical tree displays.
Web Development
Elevate your brand and distributor image while maintaining complete control of your brand and message.
Online Marketing
Every distributor can learn to drive their own personal landing pages based on target marketing.
Worldwide Redundancy
Security and reliability are always the two biggest concerns. They are for us too!
Tour Based Training
Lead your distributors with a consistent message and know what they have learned all while protecting the company.
Customized Promotions
100% client customized promotions can be integrated into the back office with just a click.
Customized Dashboard
Your brand deserves consistency and you have that with our customized dashboard capabilities.
Create flexible and compelling experiences with our REST and SOAP API's. With FLEX, you can integrate a complete experience.

Our Process

We’ve made integration easy.

Goal Discovery

We set real expectations

Our online onboarding system allows us to understand exactly what you want and also sets in motion the key elements we need to deliver on time and exceed expectations.

Commission & Rank Engine Design

Compensation and rank advancement programming

We understand that commissions and recognition must always be perfect!

Clean UX/UI

Your team or ours!

We work closely with your team on the design elements or we can turnkey the project for you. Either way, we will make sure users have a great experience.

Coding & Development

Where the magic happens.

This is where we merge the design with the functionality, security, and stability. Great design is powered with clean programming to deliver flawless UX/UI.

Test & Launch

Put it through its paces

Strong quality control and testing test every sector of the platform. Nothing hits the production servers until you say its perfect!

BitJar Labs

Some of Our Clients

Custom, Client-Centered Functionality

The BitJar Team

Wisdom comes from experience.

Robert Sacco

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Robert has grown large organizations and has been a Master Distributor in multiple company launches.  He has written compensation plans and consulted in the industry for over 12 years. He has also been the VP of Global Sales, VP of  Marketing, Executive VP and lastly the President for an International company in over 46 countries.  He knows what it takes from a back office to make corporate be successful.  He has owned and operated marketing companies specializing in brand building for top 1,000 companies and he has vast knowledge of coding and app development.   His experiences deliver wisdom to your company.

Let’s Get Started!

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