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For the past 20 years President and Founder, Robert Sacco, has seen back office development in the network marketing industry fail to answer the most pressing issues.
Robert has built large organizations in the industry and has been a Master Distributor 5 times. He has led in corporate roles as VP of Marketing, VP of Business Development, VP of international Expansion and President of multiple International Direct Selling companies. He has consulted numerous companies in back office development, international expansion, and IT throughout the industry and has written and collaborated on many compensation plans that are live in the industry today.
BitJar Labs was created to fill the voids and solve the pressing issues faced by ALL DIRECT SELLING companies.

Created Purely Out of Necessity.

Control, flexibility, speed to adjust, promotions, reporting, leadership tools, user interaction, security, fraud controls, and billing flexibility— all should be controlled by YOU, not a third party development team.

We put the control back where it belongs—in your hands.

No one knows your company like you do. No one knows your field the way that you do. With all the control, transparency, and reporting offered to you with ONYXFLEX, you will be in the driver’s seat. Features like total control over administrative Roles and Permissions, clear and concise user reporting with drill-down ability, merchant controls and reporting are just the start. For too long companies have been held hostage by third-party development firms with three week backlogs, and no real control over the product they offer to their field. ONYXFLEX was created to change that.



No developer? No problem. You’ve got this!


We give you the control you need over what your users see (or don’t see) on their dashboard. Our widgets and modules are provided in a customizable, fluid layout so you can display them in the order you choose, to the user groups you want.


Audit, post, and pay out your weekly/monthly commissions securely, right from your admin dashboard. YOU control when they are paid, how they are paid, and to whom they are paid, and that isn’t even the best part. You get full, transparent, detailed commission reporting the likes of which you won’t find with any other provider.


ONYXFLEX is built and designed to grow and expand with your business…it’s in the name. We give you all of the functionality that you need, and if that isn’t enough we’ve got more where that came from, with the rest of our ONYX Suite.


Your data is the most valuable asset to your business, and we are serious about protecting it. Our platform meets PCI level 3 security standards, and we provide multiple layers of fraud protection on all of your portals- enrollment, admin, billing, and user dashboards.  Set your fraud score thresholds for emails, IP addresses, device fingerprints, and more.


With over 2 million users through our platform and operating in over 200 countries, our platform is tried and tested.

  • A fine example of vision brought to life. As a seasoned network marketer, I really appreciate the depth of the reporting, it makes my data that much more accessible and thorough.
    Clayton S.
  • I love the ease-of-use the ONYXFLEX admin provides - I can quickly sort through different users and quickly find their commission data and see their organization. Kudos for the amazing support too, really quick turnaround!
    Peter H.
  • It's clear to see just how seriously these guys take design. I've never come across a back office (or admin, for that matter) with the level of polish as this - there is simply NO competition. Customer for life.
    Paul O.

Flawless form & functionality

We’ve packed a ton of performance under the hood to give you everything you need to elevate your business.


easily manage user data

Create, update, and manage your users with full control over all account, billing, and communications settings.  Easy access to view full reporting on the user’s sales, orders, and even full commission reporting!

Orders & Payments

Seamless tracking & management

No more digging through countless invoices and orders just to find that needle in a haystack. An elegant yet simplistic and intuitive search navigates you through all user data to see their specific orders, subscriptions, autoship products, payments…everything. You’ll wonder why it was never done this way in the first place!

Genealogy Management

Easliy manage downlines and moves

Let’s face it—genealogy and placement changes have historically been the worst sticking point in any system. We have refined this process over and over again, and have distilled it down to the most user-friendly genealogy management system in the market today. Sponsorship changes, Placement Lounge, placement options… It’s all there for you right out of the box.

Products & Items

Robust product management

Who doesn’t love products? Wether you have 10 or 100 to offer, we have made it almost too easy for you to add and edit your product offerings, so go on and expand that vertical. You only want to offer your new product to specific user classes or territories? No problem. It’s all up to you.


Powerful, transparent, and detailed

This is our pride and joy. No more secrets or silos when it comes to your reporting metrics. Everything you need is there for you at your fingertips, with CSV export options so you can really get to number crunching in your free time. We will never make you “pay extra” to see your own company’s data and, of course, it is displayed beautifully!

Subscription Management

Transparency and ease like never before

Subscriptions and autoship controls are available for both the Admin side and the user dashboard side. Users can create their own custom monthly autoship subscriptions, change their billing date, and more. From the Admin side you can automate your subscription processing… who doesn’t like making money when the office is closed?



End users served


Scalability and customization
BitJar Labs was created to fill the voids and solve the pressing issues faced by direct selling companies—especially yours.


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Selfles is the world’s first Social Entrepreneurship token offered to the world by BitJar Labs. The selfles token rewards investors sustainable ROI while simultaneously creating sustainable giving to our purpose to end human trafficking.